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Natalie graduated with a BFA in Musical Theatre from Missouri State University in May!

She is currently a Digital Production Assistant at Broadway Unlocked, working on projects with Paul Taylor Dance Company, Cancer Support Community, Broadway for Biden, and more! 


Natalie is excited to join the ensemble of The Producers at Tent Theatre in the Summer of 2021 as part of a season that has been postponed due to the pandemic.


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about me
I'm Natalie! Actor, dancer, singer, director currently based out of Springfield, MO!
  • I am from Fort Worth, Texas (and will never let you forget).

  • I have a BFA in Musical Theatre from Missouri State University.

  • I love to do it all! I direct, assist, dance, act- you name it! If it involves a collaborative process- I am IN.

  • Fun fact: My family owns and operates Mrs. Renfro's Salsa based in (you guessed it...) Fort Worth, Texas!

  • I am currently working towards my Pilates mat certification!

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